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Immigration Experts offering top-notch professional legal consultancy. was founded by Tatyana Derzhak, an immigration lawyer. Based in Toronto, Ontario is the original, online lawyer-operated immigration help service that provides low cost, high quality assistance.

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If you have been struggling with immigration hassles, you would relate very well to the complex process that Canadian immigration process involves. There is a daunting list of procedures, regulations, documentation requirements, eligibility clauses etc. What could be more overwhelming then all of this? Well, it does not end here; the regulations and procedures are changing and evolving dynamically!

Now there is complete extensive information on the official website: but everyone is well aware that legal processes and clauses keep changing and there are such minor details that you (as an average person) may overlook the fine-print.

Although, Canadian government is struggling actively to make the process simple and easily understandable but you still have to invest in a fair amount of time figuring out everything and reading up the regulations, making sure that you are not missing anything. But you don’t have to do all of that yourself! We can help you with everything in immigration related

At Work Study CA our legal team is actively working to bring in the best possible professional legal advice in Canada. We are a team of top notch lawyers who are striving to help reduce the immigration issues and hassles for our clients.

Work Study CA was founded by a licensed immigration lawyer who felt a dire need for the consultancy to the immigration clients. To facilitate our clients, we have put together optimal services and packages.

Our website has the most updated resources that would help you throughout the immigration process and make it all the more easy for you.

Disclaimer: offers limited legal services only. For legal services outside the specific service offerings of it is recommended that you contact another lawyer licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada. You must read and accept full terms and conditions prior to purchasing any services.


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